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The most important thought we can convey to you is that Combsberry is dedicated to being at your service with genuine commitment to making your wedding everything you want it to be. We remember the thoughts, anxious moments and hours of preparation we put into our own weddings; therefore, you can trust we’ll be dedicated to making everything as “stress free” as possible for you.

What makes Combsberry different from every other venue you might be considering? Flexibility! There are no rules (well, very few) at our property; no pre-set menus, no established minimums, no specific time limits, use your own caterer or we’ll provide one, have an intimate gathering with just a few close friends or host a lavish affair with horse-drawn carriages. We can even arrange to have the bride arrive by helicopter or boat.
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Perhaps the most important decision you now face will be choosing the venue for your wedding and reception. After all, until you know where the vows will be taken, how can you decide on the details?  Everything from decorations to the number of guests, indoors or out, perhaps even the style of your wedding dress (hum? sleeves or strapless? short or long?) will be determined by where you choose to host the ceremony and reception.
The point is, we know this is one of the most important days of your life. You decide the budget, not us. You decide how long you want to use the property, not us. You decide how much assistance you need, not us. See… it really is all about you at Combsberry!

Because we strive to tailor the wedding to your exact specifications, prices will vary. Please contact Alyssa or Ann to discuss exactly what you have in mind. We can’t wait to help and are excited about making memories with you.

Congratulations and best wishes on your engagement!
How can Combsberry’s wedding professionals help with your special day?

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